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The Tennessee Herpetological Society   (THS) is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians worldwide, but particularly within Tennessee. We believe this can be accomplished through the education of the general public and the hard work of our members.

Rough Green Snake

Opheodrys aestivus

Photo by Lisa Powers


Contact the TWRA Wildlife Library at 615-781-6544 to request free copies:


Frogs and Toads of Tennessee Poster (pdf)


Salamanders of Tennessee Poster (.pdf)


The Reptile Review



History of the Tennessee Herpetological Society

The Tennessee Herpetological Society was established at the 5th Annual Conference on Herpetology in Tennessee in October of 2000.

Loosely organized as a group since 1992, conference attendees decided in order to promote the research, conservation and education issues concerning reptiles and amphibians, an official organization should be established.

In 1995, the Conference members worked hard to pass a bill naming the Tennessee Cave Salamander as our official State Amphibian, and the Eastern Box Turtle as our official State Reptile.


Spotted Salamander

Ambystoma maculatum

Photo by Lisa Powers




Our membership is open to anyone interested in promoting the education, conservation, and study of reptiles and amphibians, particularly Tennessee's fauna. Many of our members come from the scientific community and are working professionals. We do have members that have no scientific training but are equally concerned about the status of reptiles and amphibians in Tennessee. We are not a hobbyist group although many of us do keep animals for educational purposes. If you would like to join, you may download an application and mail in the completed form.

Our Board of Directors are a diverse group of individuals from universities, public agencies and the private sector. To find out a little more about our Board Members, click here.

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The Tennessee Herpetological Society meets once per year at an annual conference hosted by one of our members.

 The 2013 meeting will be held at Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN on September 26th & 27th. Attendees to the conference need not be members of the Tennessee Herpetological Society as the conference is open to the general public.  Check back here often for current meeting information.



Checklist of Tennessee's Reptiles and Amphibians

The Tennessee Herpetological Society has compiled and maintains a checklist of Tennessee's reptile and amphibian species. Click here for the current checklist.

Here are some links to help you find out more about Tennessee's reptiles and amphibians:

Atlas of Amphibians in Tennessee

Atlas of Reptiles in Tennessee

Frog and Toad ID Page

Frogs and Toads of Tennessee

Is it a Cottonmouth?(.pdf)

Living with Snakes in Tennessee (.pdf)

Salamanders of Tennessee

Snakes of East Tennessee-Poster (.pdf)

Snakes of Tennessee


Eastern Fence Lizard

Sceloporus undulatus

Photo by Lisa Powers



Tennessee Colleges and Universities Teaching Herpetology

Learn about educational and research opportunities offered at local colleges and universities within the state of Tennessee here.



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