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Aims and Scope

The Tennessee Journal of Herpetology was founded to provide an avenue of conversation about amphibians and reptiles of Tennessee. Therefore, the Tennessee Journal of Herpetology publishes articles and notes about amphibians, reptiles, and the people who study them. 

Current Issue​ - 2019 

Riparian habitat of streams used for breeding by the Streamside Salamander (Ambystoma barbouri) in middle Tennessee

Daniel B. Estabrooks and Brian T. Miller


No environmental DNA detection of the Patch-nosed Salamander (Urspelerpes brucei) in North Carolina

Todd W. Pierson and Elijah C. White


Gross morphology of teeth on the premaxillae of Streamside Salamanders (Ambystoma barbouri) and Small-mouthed Salamanders (Ambystoma texanum) from middle Tennessee

Brian T. Miller and Joyce L. Miller



Daniel A. Malagon and Todd W. Pierson


Brian T. Miller and Joyce L. Miller


TANTILLA CORONATA (Southeastern Crowned Snake)

Brian P. Butterfield, Wayne Baker, Leah Campbell, Sarahy Montoya, and Abagail Tatum


List of 2017 Hatchlings by Zoo Knoxville

Reported by Stephen Nelson


Meeting Notes of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Tennessee Herpetological Society

Recorded by Stephanie Chance

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