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The Tennessee Journal of Herpetology

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Instructions for Authors

The Journal of the Tennessee Herpetological Society is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal published biannually (January and July) by the Tennessee Herpetological Society.  We publish research on ecology, natural history, conservation, management, and captive breeding of amphibians and reptiles in Tennessee and adjacent states along with site surveys of public and private lands in Tennessee.  Additionally, we publish sightings of rare and uncommon species (other than county records) as well as unusual observations such as behavior, coloration, predation, diet, reproduction, or other life history data.

We publish a variety of articles:

  1. Original Research Papers – Publication of results not published in other venues.

  2. Survey Results – We encourage the publication of habitat types and species found during herpetological surveys of private and public lands in Tennessee.

  3. Field Notes – Publication of field observations of amphibians and reptiles. This may include observations of aspects of the natural history of a species as well as identification of new localities. 

  4. Recent Study Reviews – Short descriptions of research published about the natural history, distribution, and ecology of Tennessee’s herpetofauna in other venues. We encourage these pieces to be less than 250 words and be written for public audiences.

  5. Biographies – To facilitate getting to know the diversity of people involved in the Tennessee Herpetological Society, we encourage less than 500 word profiles highlighting the background and interests of our various members.

  6. Obituaries – To honor and memorialize members and others who have contributed greatly to Tennessee Herpetology.

  7. THS Business ­– Minutes of annual Tennessee Herpetological Society meetings, calendar of events, updates, Chad Lewis Scholarship information.


Instructions for Authors:

Please see this document for instructions on formatting your manuscript prior to submission.

Once your article is formatted, please email it as a Microsoft Word document to

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