Chadwick Lewis Memorial Grant

The Tennessee Herpetological Society invites applications for the 2021 THS Chadwick Lewis Memorial Grant for projects that will directly or indirectly conserve the reptiles and amphibians of Tennessee, increase scientific knowledge, or educate others about the importance of Tennessee's reptiles and amphibians.

This $500.00 award is open to any Tennessee student with a reptile and/or amphibian-related project. The project can already be underway if the grant would adequately enhance it. Interested applicants should submit a project proposal of a maximum of three double-spaced (12 point font) typed pages. Please attach the following application form. Additional information may be submitted in a letter.

Grant Form

The information needed includes: name, address, telephone, E-mail address (if any) of applicant, topic, problem to be addressed, objectives, expected results and significance, project location, beginning and ending dates, estimated field time, estimated total cost of project, funds available from other sources, how grant is to be used to either fully or partially fund a project, experience of applicant in field, and if the work is under the guidance of a mentor or is independent. Grant recipients are required to present their research (either a progress report or final report) at a subsequent annual meeting of the THS (meeting registration will be waived for that year).  The grant recipient will also be required to submit a hard copy of the final report and any other reports assisted by this award of this grant. The grant recipient will include in any reports a Letter of Acknowledgement recognizing the award of the THS Chad Lewis Memorial Grant.
A letter of recommendation should also be sent from a mentor or an associate in reptile and amphibian studies. Up to 20 percent of the stipend may be applied toward costs for attending a scientific meeting to present results from your research.

Award Selection
Applications shall be judged by the THS Chad Lewis Memorial Grant committee on a point system with a maximum score of 100 points. The application receiving the highest score will be the recipient of the grant. New submittals shall be given preference over recurring proposals.
Criteria for judging applications will be:
-- Clarity of proposal, 5 points max
-- Originality of proposal, 10 points max
-- Significance of problem addressed, 15 points max
-- Adequacy of project design, 10 points max
-- Adequacy of experience/training, 5 points max
-- Adequacy of professional guidance, 5 points max
-- Financial need, 10 points max 
-- Chance for achieving objectives, 10 points max
-- Potential benefit to the species/resource, 20 points max
-- Potential for advancing career/studies, 10 points max

Total 100 points
The application and letter of recommendation should be emailed to: &


The deadline for the 2021 THS Chadwick Lewis Memorial Grant has been extended to November 21, 2021.